Been born in Tbilisi, but long ago already живущий in Moscow, YUriy Avalishvili creates to compositions, whose eclecticism possesses acting with pretty constancy by reactive power. The Spectator as if falls into sphere of the action "sniffled", and his(its) carries away layered, saturated relationship author's world.

The Conciseness striving to breakup of artistic power forces to be going to and concentrate the spectator, anticipating sudden birth new artistic sense. Occurring on linen Avalishvili really continues to occur, and that glance of the spectator remains the stopped изобразительным beside, - more significant, but too fraud. The Glance on-persisting much it is difficult to restrain the scene. It possesses hidden reactive power and raises the thought sharp surge burning assotiative mass.

The Style of the artist possible to name посткубическим realism. He does not degrade, but dissolves the form in actuating her(its) contents. He lowers his(its) as sponge in composition of active existence, and sponge this x-rays nearly on surfaces. As to colour, that his(its) active participation in compositions is felt even where does not come to light obviously. When one fragment of the linen, residing closer than another to energy color source, as if sprays whole spiritual power on it.

The Border disputes in electric world YUriya Avalishvili are solved not in favour of coexistences, but in favour of internal indivisibility. Only so possible, remaining in point, whence all openly, meet with created by artistic reality, making conditional most inconsistent border - a border between master and his(its) product.

Alexander Vaynshteyn.
The Member of the alliance man of letters, free-lance employee of the newspaper "Culture".